Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dental on Ship

The other part of the department was the dental hygiene area of healthcare. For the most part dental care is simple. One room for regular care like checkups and cleanings with another room for things like basic surgeries and checkups would work well for a crew of maybe a thousand with one dentist and two or three hygienists. Also you may want a room set aside nearby for creating things like individualized dentures, mouth guards, and fake teeth. It may be easiest to just have regular molds that get ground down to fit the individual’s mouth but modern dentists tend to make molds by actually making impressions of the person’s teeth, then making molds from the impressions. Of course, if you have some sort of way on board to say something and have it be, like the replicator in the Star Trek franchise, you don’t need a separate room to create dental prosthesis parts. All your characters need to do is say a few words or press a few buttons and the computer will search the records for the patient’s records and pop out whatever was asked for, perfectly individualized to the patient.
Something to think about concerning dental care is that most adults would already have gotten their teeth perfected as a child. However, if you have family onboard, such as a family ship like in Star Trek: Next Generation or a colonization ship or any other ship that may have children onboard long-term, you’ll likely need orthodontics care.

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