Saturday, July 31, 2010

Intro to me

I started out this blog thinking most of you that would be reading this blog at this time would know me personally but it occured to me that I may still need to introduce myself to some of you. I am a twenty-one year old girl trying to find herself in this world, trying to find out where she belongs. At the moment my job is to travel by boat around the Pacific Ocean repairing a computer system when it breaks. However, I don't have much else to do as the system works fine for a while before crashing for a few days that we spend hours fixing it before running smoothly again. That leaves me plenty of hours in a week for my passion: writing (and reading...). I set myself a goal of sending a book out to get published by the end of the year. I'm happy to say that I finished the rough draft of it by the middle og July. Unfortunately, it is a very rough draft. Now I need to go back through the story and rewrite the emotional story into the plot. That sounds like fun. However, I have forbidden myself from touching that story again until the beginning of September. In that time I am reading books and articals on things like emotional structure, how to write better scenes and dialogues, how to make better characters, and finally how to get a book published now adays. It's an interesting time, even if I do need to put my readig aside for learning things job related every few hours. I'm getting a lot of hope for a story I had developed writer's block on.
Another project I'm keeping at the back of my mind as I read these thinngs is a series I'd like to write on an Earth colony called Aurora. I think the series would be awesome if I could make the colony right but it's fun just having the experience of creating Aurora.
Well, that's all I can think of for now. If you're interested in following my journeys, go through my profile to my travel blog. (You may also be interested in the other blog. It's a work-in-progress story in blog form about a mystical world I'm creating as the character journeys through it.)
So long for now, I'll talk to you another time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's strange what pops up in the world-building phase of storywriting. Today I was going through different sports and debating if the sport would be allowed on Aurora and how it would be viewed if it was allowed. Most readers don't realize how indepth worldbuilding can really get. Things like langauge, gender views, morality, geogrophy, religion, politics, and fashion are all important things that make up a culture but writers should also be careful with the things done for fun such as sports, crafts, and music. Such things are often forgotten details that can really show off the culture of a place.

Twirling and whirling...

My head is so full of ideas and facts that I can't think straight. This morning I spent looking at info and socail networking sites trying to decide what to do and when and how. This afternoon I spent reading a book on how to create emotional structure. So many things, so many ways, so many facts!!! My head will soon explode! Oh well, I think I'll go a little at a time on socail networking and I realized my last story felt so flat because I had written absolutely no emotional structure into it. Well, now I have a sort of game plan. It's better than nothing. Now to get my head to slow down some so I can think...

Hello There

Well, I'm trying something new, a few new things in fact. I'm trying to get a presence online, first by starting a daily blog and by joining something called StumbleUpon. It's a site that seems to merely show a person websites they may be interested in and that person rates the site, maybe leaving a review of the site for others on StumbleUpon and that goes into a blog on the site. It looks interesting, I'll see how it works out.