Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I will admit that this series is not built on any template I thought up on my own. I tend to develop settings as the story progresses and then having my readers comment on things I forgot to change in the beginning. People keep saying that being organized makes things so much easier so I am working on writing from outlines and having already fully developed characters and settings before writing the story. It is rather different from my usual way of making up the nuances of a character or setting as I write but it also seems to extend the process. Now while I’m still working on plot points I can be thinking about my characters’ backgrounds and my settings and stay excited about a story.
I recently read The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: Volume one First Contact and discovered the article called Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions by Patricia C. Wrede. Both are excellent sources and I highly recommend and science fiction writer look at them but this series is my template. I took what I usually use, added in ideas from both of those writers and will now present my version to you over the next few weeks.
This series is designed to focus on world building. I know most people start out with an idea of what you want your planet or setting like. I’m going to give you more questions and examples to help you flesh out your basic idea and make it flow smoothly with your story.

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