Sunday, September 19, 2010

What motivates your character?

Everyone has a plan, whether it’s to live with mom and dad until they die and inherit the house or be rich by twenty-five, and your characters are no different. Your story can be about how they got to their goal or you can tell how they got interrupted and changed their plan. Or maybe your character doesn’t want to plan their future, they don’t want to think about change and growing up. Whatever your thoughts are on the character, it helps to know where they want to go and if/when that plan changes. Where do they want to go in their career, in their relationships? Is the career to be their life or are they hoping to get rich off their hobby and the career is just a backup while they work on their hobby? Are they looking for a spouse or just a good time? Do they want to learn a new language or a new hobby? Are they happy with who they are or want to be or are they searching for something new to fill a void they don’t understand?
Then there are the goals they don’t dig deep enough to find: to be loved, to be popular, to be a recognized expert. Those are things they may not admit or that they think go without saying so they never say them but those desires are as driving, often more so, than the goals people strive for in career, relationships, and personal development. So what motivates you character? What motivates you?

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