Saturday, March 5, 2011

Independant Study on Ship

The good thing about high school and college students are that they are mare capable of studying on their own. That means there are a lot more options for their schooling than the younger children may have in the future. Ships that stay close to the ruling government or near large civilized areas can have a version of modern online courses where the teacher chats for an hour or two a week with a class of people on any number of ships before assigning the weekly assignment and the students can ask each other questions through email or the forum. There is also the option that the teacher merely sends out the textbook and the students are expected to email their assignments by the due date each week with a forum for questions. Another option is that there are yearly tests with bibliographies sent out to everyone that passes the last test. The students are expected to read the textbooks and keep up on current events at their own pace in order to pass the tests. If the students pass the test they go on to the next grade level test, if not they don’t pass their test and stay in the same grade. That may work best if the ship will be far from regular culture or if the communications are difficult to get working on the ship but it puts a lot of pressure on the parents to be sure their child id actually studying while the parents work instead of playing games all day. You may also choose to just have a teacher for each age group on ship and a regular school day with homework afterwards. You may even decide to send the students old enough to go to high school or college off ship to an actual school house planetside somewhere. The choice is yours as you create your own fictional space ship but remember that even the smallest detail can make the setting believable and how school is done can effect memories your character may have.

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