Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Create a Space Ship

Now that we've discussed how to create a fictional space ship based on ships that exist today, let's review.

Engineering Department makes the ship move by an engine of any number of possible technilogies as well as electrically powered and maintained by various divisional workshops.

Operations Department keeps the ship on the correct course, manages the weapons on ship, and maintains traditional entrance procedures.

The smaller departments may seem easy to overlook, but each has its use. The Air Department would maintain and run any small craft or fighter crafts used by the main ship. Deck Department is the one that gets all the painting, preservation, and docking jobs so the other departments can afford to be specialized and focus on their job. The Administration Department keeps up the crews' records and makes sure they get all the awards they're entitled to.

The other set of departments on ship are also important. The Health Department keeps everyone healthy and out of pain while the Communications Department keeps the ship connected to the outside world and keeps communications running smoothly inside the ship. The Supply Department keeps everyone fed and makes sure they have all the repair parts and supplies they need for however long the ship is away from its homeport.

The next set of posts on what the crew needs on a ship may not fit in any department but moral lifters are a huge part of ship life and should not be overlooked if your crew is to be happy, or at least content, on ship. Some more things to keep in mind when creating a space ship are how your crew will advance and what currency your ship uses.

But what if you decide to have family or civilians on ship? The last set of posts discuss the idea and are interesting to read if you plan to have families on board. Families need different sleeping quarters, healthcare, and specail conciderations for the schooling of children and young adults as well as having a laboratory on ship to teach science correctly. You will also need to think about an area kids can have physical activity to build coordination, what sports are encouraged on ship for older children, and how many sports can be played on one field or court to save space on ship.

One last thing I want you to think about when creating your space ship is that there are many types of ships out there. Just because exploration or military ships are most often depicted on movies and television doesn't mean that there aren't cargo ships, cruise ships, transportation ships, colonization ships, ships the rich keep as private homes, and scientific ships people don't see or hear of for years on scientific expierements or studies that may change the way life is or may never amount to anything. If you can dream up a type of ship and make it work with the facts and rooms I've presented here, your stories are limited only by your imagination.

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