Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Power Of Myth-Part 1

I am sorry about this but I only made it through the introduction in the book "by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers" this week. I had planned to get through the second chapter but I didn't. I can say I'm looking forward to reading the book. Just reading the introduction told me it was my kind of book. It said that Campbell's works helped inspire the Star Wars stories and he became friends with George Lucas when Lucas "acknowledging a debt to Campbell's work, invited the scholar to view the Star Wars trilogy." Seeing how popular the series was (at that time it was just the first three movies) you can imagine how curious I am about what part this research played. I'm also fascinated by Campbell's idea that people don't really search for the meaning of life but that they really search for the "experience of life". This is definitely an interesting guy to learn from and I get a front row seat to the book, written in interview form. This promises to be a very interesting read and I could get a very different view of storytelling afterward, or at least a few ideas.

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