Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recreation and Relaxation on Ship

Something to think about when creating your fictional space ship is where do the people on ship gather to relax after work? On a modern naval vessel the larger berthings have a small lounge attached with a large television for movies, videogames, and just general watching the basic channels. The military has a few networks of their own that pay to show popular television shows, such as CSI and ER, as well as a news channel and a cartoon channel that gets shows from both the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. They also show movies on the main channel and when underway someone on ship can play requested movies on a separate channel.
As well as relaxing in their lounge they can sit and relax with people from other berthings on the messdecks, in the library, or sit and chat with their coworkers in their work spaces. Officers don’t have lounges in their stateroom but there is a medium sized lounge connected to the wardroom where they sit and chat or make decisions on ship board issues. Having someplace to relax and unwind from the workday, whatever part of the day it ends, is a major moral booster that brings a refreshed person back to work and able to deal with the same people day after day.

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