Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sleeping Quarters for Families

If you choose to have families on your ship, (whether it’s a colonization ship, a cruise ship, or just an exploration ship like the Enterprise in Star Trek: Next Generation) you need to think of adding a few more rooms to your ship. In addition to more storage space and a bigger ship store, if you decided not to have a replicator, you need to think of different things when considering sleeping quarters. For quarters with one or two individuals sleeping in it all you need to think about are things like where the beds are, how the bathroom is organized, what colors everything is, and which storage area belongs to whom. When you have quarters assigned to accommodate families, you need to think about a separate sleeping area for the parents than where the kids sleep, even if you decide to create the separation by cloth hung up or moving walls that could turn a single room by day into a number of small sleeping areas by night. Most quarters assigned to families have a bedroom for the parents, a bedroom for each child, a living room area with a couch and chairs for guests and a slightly disconnected area for the kitchen. When you have a replicator you don’t need a place to store and prepare food or do the dishes, you just need to make sure your crew knows how they stand with rations so that everyone gets the same amount of nutrients. A good way to do that would be to have a counter near the replicator saying what has been used for that month and what has been returned so it can be reused.

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