Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recreation Rooms

While you’re thinking about amusements for those on your ship you should consider something similar to Star Trek’s halodeck room. There is science in use and currently in the works that could eventually create a nearly believable halogram to make a halodeck real, especially if it had television screens for walls and the ceiling combined with some sort of moving floor. The realism of halograms on the television show may be impossible in the future but virtual reality is growing more and more possible with videogame graphics getting as good as they are. A special room that interacts with a virtual reality headset could work just as well to seemingly transport the wearer light years away for a while. Otherwise you may want to think about would be an arts and crafts room as a release from the tension of the day. Art has the ability to let the creator block out the universe for a while so it’s just the worker and the work, which is just what some people need to deal with the problems in close quarters and distance from family members.

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