Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2,000 words, one story

As part of my attempt to put more of my writing online, my first assignment for myself was to write a story in around two thousand words. For a girl whose last story was over 25,000 words, it’s proving to be a challenging thought. I wrote a scene on Writing.com in about 550 words that seemed to go over well for the two or three people that reviewed it, or so they said. However, that was one scene I wrote from inception to finish in about a half hour. It’s what I believe is called “flash fiction” and was done purely to have something in my portfolio. It turned out rather well but was assumed to be part of a larger piece (which it’s not at this point). One scene in about five hundred words, that’s about four scenes to show a character grow in some way. In this case I want to make a girl who just lost everything she ever believed in to find a new purpose. In two thousand words? This could turn out to be an interesting assignment.

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