Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How do memories affect development?

Next we’ll talk about how memories can affect the life of characters. One thing to remember is that everyone sees things from their own perspective and doesn’t have all the facts. An example would be a story I’m working on. The lady thinks a guy hates her when really he has no real emotion towards her, he just hates how he sees the situation someone else put them in. They could one day become a couple or the greatest of enemies. It all depends on if they ever bother to talk it out and see neither of them is to fault so they can stop blaming each other. Misunderstandings are common because people forget that everyone sees something different. Have you ever seen the movies where two people are arguing and don’t realize they are arguing about different things? The scene in Ocean’s 11 comes to mind. One guy was arguing about the girl and the other guy was arguing about the job. They didn’t realize it until one of their buddies asked them what they were talking about. Things like that happen because of what they bring to the argument. One guy was thinking about the girl that was so important, the other thought the job was more important. They had to realize they were seeing things differently before anything got done.
Another way memories can affect a character is how they perceive their childhood. If their parent worked a lot, the character may have felt unloved whereas the parent was doing their best to show love by providing for their child. Even though the parent thought the child was the center of their world, the child may feel like a burden or neglected and grow to avoid the parent as soon as possible. To the opposite extent an adult may feel forced to smile and play with the child or listen to hours of talk when all they want is to be out partying or at the office. The child may think they are loved and secure while the parent grows to resent the child.

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