Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little at a time

Sometimes I need a reminder that life doesn't happen overnight. I've been trying to figure out how to get more readers to my blog (originally my travel blog but as that is written primarily for my family, I started looking at getting readers to a new blog, this one.) All the research I've done has reminded me that everything takes time. No matter if you want a book published, a successful blog, a successful new business, or even the starring role in a movie or a successful music career. Everything takes time from the day you start down the road to your ultimate goal. My brother has a rather successful blog. It's been nominated for at least an award twice. To me that seems like he's doing well in the blogging world. I started looking at his old blogs, the ones he did when he first started and I realized something: he's been blogging for over eight years! I hadn't thought about it in those terms. Anything could happen in eight years but not so much in the few weeks since I started thinking of going on this path, wherever it leads me. Small steps will lead to big benefits but nothing happens overnight.
Well, that is my thought for the day, now back to my research. Talk to you tomorrow.

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