Thursday, August 12, 2010

Religion's affects

Here’s a thought on character development: What religion is your character? What religion is typical of their people? I believe religion says a lot about a person and their personality. Many Christians are calm, seemingly at peace while Wiccans often feel a deep connection to the planet and may be advocates. Some religions won’t kill bugs or certain animals because of reincarnation and a deep love of life. Some religions could worship a god like the god of wine or passion and celebrate life as much as possible. However, a person that worships money or the god of money may be quite somber and professional al the time while their entrepreneur mind is always looking for opportunities. How might a culture differ if it worshiped primarily a male god versus a female goddess? If the culture worships many gods do they pick an individual “patron” god/dess or just worry about offending a god by praising another? Are the gods loving siblings and couples or constantly bickering and fighting amongst their followers? Are the gods of nearby tribes/planets bitter enemies or best friends that smile upon intermarriage? Is one god more powerful and the tribes/planets around constantly fearful? Is the single god benevolent or always angry?
Another question is if the character grew up worshiping the unpopular god. Did they grow up always defending their faith? Were they beaten daily? Was their faith the strong god or the weak god? Why did they choose to go against the norm? Is their family from elsewhere as is their religion? Was there a “vision” or deal made? Are they clinging to a religion they barely believe as a memory or tribute to someone?
Everyone has a religion, whether they practice it much or not. Even if they “worship” themselves or money or power or a god or prophet, their religion will affect their morals and their choices so it’s best to add that to their profile early, even if it never gets in your story.

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