Monday, August 9, 2010

New focus for now

One thing I keep hearing in all these marketing sites and blogs is that everyone is promoting a product. Most people are promoting their website, not so much their blog. In fact, a blog is usually used to promote the website or product. A blog is usually how a person builds trust and credibility so people will buy their product. However, my blog is my “product”. Eventually I want to get published for my novel, not so much my online stuff. What I write online is more to help me write better and get reviews of my writing to get honest responses to what I write, not people that hated my story just claiming not to be done with it so they don’t have to actually tell me how bad it is. (I think at least two of my readers couldn’t continue the story I borrowed to them and just don’t mention it to me so they don’t have to tell me that they could barely stomach the first few scenes or stopped halfway through. I can easily see it being that bad as it has no glue, no emotional storyline.) I have one reader who’s forcing himself to read it and I can tell it’s rather painful to him but he can’t quite tell why. Still, he’s trying to be nice and not tell me he’s having trouble reading it. (It’s kind of obvious that it completely puzzles him as to why it’s so bad. It’s rather amusing watching him try to be diplomatic about it.)
Anyways, I got off track. It occurred to me that if my aim is to get honest feedback on things I’ve written, that I should have things for people to look at. With that in mind I’ve decided to ignore the internet marketing side of things for a while and focus on getting “quality content” on here as well as growing my portfolio on and maybe on Squidoo if I can figure out how best to put stories up on there. Once I’m more comfortable with how much of my “product” is visible, then I will look into drawing people to my blog and writings. Who knows, maybe I’ll put a few articles up somewhere to.

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