Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What can a hobby say about your character?

Something else to keep in mind is what your character does for fun. Does he like to shoot hoops with his sons after work or just want to sit in his home office and play fantasy sports games? Does she prefer to put in her favorite movie after a hard day at the office or would she rather flip through channels until something catches her eye? Maybe she picks up a good book or he turns on his favorite CD. Maybe she spends the weekend at the beach with her friends or he goes hunting with his dad. Maybe she goes to play sports with her friends or neighbors while he goes to the gym to lift weights. Each one of these things says something about the character and suggests a few more habits the character has. A guy who goes to the gym every day to relax obviously cares a lot about looking good and eats right and he likely takes care to eat extra protein. A girl who hangs out at the beach probably does her best to feel comfortable in a swimsuit or at least beach clothes. Someone who prefers tv or books to sports may be slightly overweight. A man that plays sports with his children may be a very involved dad. Someone who does crafts likely has a house showing off their accomplishments or at least a few crafts decorating their house somewhere. What do your characters’ hobbies say about them?

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